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Raw Golf Wedge

Frozen Rope Limited Edition Raw Golf Wedge
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Price £180




Product Description

Yet again Frozen Rope bring you some of the finest golf wedges on the planet!

One piece forged and hand ground these masterpieces are from the experts in Japan and only available on a limited edition basis.

Available in 52, 56, and 60 Degree lofts

All the skills of the Japanese master craftsman is evident in the hand ground edges of this fine short game tool!

Shaft Specs

Shimada Shafts

Shimada Shafts

Shimada Golf KK is one of only two companies in Japan which manufactures steel shafts. Shimada is a dedicated family business, passionate about golf and the pursuit of the perfect golf shaft. Shimada produce a shaft for every golfer from the slow swing speed and high launch shafts right through to the heavier shafts demanded by many of the worlds leading players.

Shimada Tour Wedge
Light weight wedge specific shaft. High spin rate yet penetrating flight.

Shimada Tour Wedge Black
Heavy wedge specific shaft generating high spin.

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KBS Tour Shaft.

Frozen Rope KBS Tour  Wedge

Designed for better players, the KBS Tour shaft was engineered to increase stability from ‘grip to clubhead’ to enhance the results of well-executed swings. By reducing the mass and radius of each step in equal proportions along the shaft’s center line, the KBS Tour shaft delivers optimum stability resulting in efficient energy transfer from the player’s hands to the clubhead

KBS Tour Wedge
The KBS wedge provides increase stability and enhanced feel. Unlike other wedge shafts, the KBS wedge incorporates the unique KBS design that proportionately reduces shaft mass and step radius equally along the shaft’s entire center line which delivers greater performance with every shot.

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Project X Shafts

Rifle Shaft

It is no coincidence that top-ranked TOUR players worldwide play Rifle shafts. A key element in our research and development process is proving shaft design with the best players in the world. And the list of Rifle benefits is extensive: tighter shot dispersion; better control; greater distance with improved accuracy; a smooth, yet solid feel at impact.

Rifle Spinner
Originally made for PGA Tour players who like a softer feel in their scoring irons, the Rifle Spinner is a scoring wedge shaft designed for sand, lob and gap wedges.

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