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Frozen Rope Golf / News / Press Release 27/08/10


2010 range + new Japanese forged limited editions

Compromise – a word heavily used in the world of golf. The average player will compromise performance for forgiveness and huge confidence enhancing club heads. The better golfer will compromise forgiveness for performance, for the ability to move the ball in the air and stop it precisely where they want it. These choices enable the golfer to enjoy the game and be the player they want to be. Introducing Frozen Rope, the first brand to eliminate these decisions and to conquer compromise. Combining knowledge of the game, the finest quality materials and a tried and tested casting process, the first iron to eliminate the need for compromise with equipment was forged. The Frozen Rope range features delicately fashioned cast irons, mystifying drivers that tear apart the scientific foundations they were created upon and carefully engineered fairway woods providing the distance and performance that a golfer can never before have imagined.

Frozen Rope – a drive hit so hard by the golfer that its trajectory is almost completely straight, almost like a frozen theatre rope.

Frozen Rope’s iron range currently consists of two models, both offering outstanding performance and forgiveness. The first of the two is the UCB (Undercut Cavity Back) featuring an oversize cavity back design with offset and an undercut cavity to enable players of all abilities to get the ball up and away. The second is the HCB (Hollow Cavity Back) and our team of experts assure us that this is probably the most technologically advanced iron on the market today. The head, produced in 17-4 steel features tungsten weighting in the sole and the hollowed cavity back contains a silicon gel to absorb vibration and provide a softer feeling on off-centre strikes.

Now to the driver that everybody is talking about, the FR1. Produced in two loft options for simplicity, ML (Medium Launch) and HL (High Launch), the head is fashioned from the finest grade titanium delivering a strong, lightweight head with maximum COR for powerful, penetrating drives. The FR1 Driver’s sister is the similarly name FR1 Fairway Wood boasting a low profile, stainless steel head with unheard of strength in the face to provide maximum power at impact directly to the golf ball. Extra weight in the sole coupled with its beautifully low profile enables the FR1 Fairway too pick the ball up on the tightest of lies and send it hurtling towards the target.

There is an element of anticipation and excitement among the team at Frozen Rope headquarters. Later this year we will be launching a whole new range including a Japanese Forged Irons from the traditionalists at Koyei of which there will only be 25 sets making them a highly collectable part of history. Keep an eye out for updates and events related to the launch on our website

Any product in our impressive range can be custom fitted to your exact specifications at anyone of our retailers as each one has access to some of the most up to date. At Frozen Rope we have a whole armoury of shafts and components to ensure that your weapon of choice is as much a part of you as the nose on your face. Our flagship research and custom fitting facility is housed at the prestigious Camberley Heath GC. Benefiting from the use of TRAK-MAN, a state of the art workshop and an arsenal of the latest components, your very own fitting technician will assist you as we create your very own technological masterpiece.

Frozen Rope is redefining golf technology, rewriting the golf equipment rule book and of course, conquering compromise. Visit us online and be part of an evolution, tap into the FR State of Mind – break away from the masses, gone are the days when just competing was enough, we stand shaping the course of history, creating a new breed of golfer, a breed of winners.