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Frozen Rope FR1 Driver
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Price £169



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Product Description

The Frozen Rope FR1 Driver offers the most explosive drives
through the utilisation of the finest grade titanium, offering a strong and lightweight head with maximum COR (Coefficient of Restitution) whilst staying inside the boundaries of legality. This maximum forgiveness driver delivers power and accuracy by using heel weighting and is progressively shut between lofts.

Only available in two lofts for simplicity and ease
ML (Medium Launch) and HL (High Launch). The less lofted model, ML, has 10 degrees of loft and a square face making it the more workable driver of the two. Also, the ML version of FR1 is only partially weighted at the heel so as to avoid pulls and hooks. The more lofted model, HL, has 12 degrees of loft and the club face is closed by a degree making it more forgiving by reducing the risk of slices and cuts and becoming more appealing to the higher handicapper. Both models are weighted and engineered to offer the player unbeatable results without losing out on forgiveness.

Frozen Rope Driver Frozen Rope Driver Frozen Rope Driver


UST Frozen Rope Regular: £169
UST Frozen Rope Firm: £169
UST Frozen Rope Stiff: £169

UST V2 High Launch Stiff: £229
UST V2 High Launch X Stiff: £229

Aldila Voodoo Stiff £339.00
Aldila Voodoo X Stiff £339.00

Matrix Ozik X-Con Firm £549.00
Matrix Ozik X-Con Stiff £549.00
Matrix Ozik-Con X Stiff £549.00

Shaft Specs

UST V2 Shafts

For the player seeking a medium ball flight, increased ball speed and superior control
Proforce V2 is designed for players seeking a flatter, more penetrating ball flight. The firm tip section produces a medium launch condition and increased ball speed. The Proforce V2 uses the most superior materials and design to produce a very stable, consistent golf shaft. The super low-torque provides maximum control for today’s larger club heads. The Proforce V2 is available in 56 to 77 gram shaft models.

Aldila Voodoo Shafts

Matrix Ozik Shaft

The Voodoo's consistant shaft symmetry throughout the swing, catapults the ball further and straighter than the conventional shafts. For more information please go to

Matrix Ozik X-Con

Matrix Ozik Shaft

The Matrix Ozik X-Con shaft is built for high launch, low spin ball flights. It's made purely from carbon graphite and gives maximum performance and a stable feel to all players. For more information on Matrix shafts go to